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About us


Mille Moi is a lifestyle brand that is sold through many wonderful interior design shops around Norway. Go to our blog or website and see our dealers. That way you can find your nearest Mille Moi dealer. We get our inspiration to new ideas and products through travelling, and we are constantly developing! Our homes are important – and so is everything we surround ourselves with! Our homes should be meaningful to us and tell a little something about the people living there. Home is the place where you can sit back, relax, and just “be”. It’s the place you can enjoy some free time to your self, or with your dear family and friends. Mille Moi likes to give the customers a feeling and experience of “the good life”. Our collections are meant to be a pleasure to your body and soul…

The collections of Mille Moi are classic with basic colors like neutral, white, grey and beige in addition to some complementary colors for different seasons. We call it the “resting heart’s” colors.

In our shop you can find delicate pillows, large linen tablecloths, beautiful curtains, placemats, delicious dishes and napkins. We also have a huge staggering choice of lamps, rattan, matches and many other great interior decorations. Mille Moi makes the most fantastic loveseats and chaise longue.

The cup series consists of Minijumbo, Jumo, Mugs and several types of plates. Both breakfast, lunch and dinner, round- and heart shaped, in addition to salad bowls.


Welcome to Mille Moi’s wonderful world…